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Dec 24

National Home Sales Report

Share See the full article HERE. Happy Holidays.

Dec 07

Property Management Services Now Offered


ShareNoble Atlantic Realty, serving the real estate needs of Southern Maine and Greater Boston is now offering property management services for private independent owners of residential real estate: Noble Atlantic Realty Property Management division specializes in managing year round residential rentals.  Do you own a property that you consider an important part of your investment portfolio and want a …

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May 17

Multiple Offers are happening…for real.

ShareOkay – it’s on NPR so now do you believe us?   Bidding wars return to one Boston neighborhood Packed open houses, multiple offers, and higher prices. In (usually high-end) neighborhoods like Jamica Plain, the bidding wars still rage. (read below for transcript – copied from NPR website). Courtesy of REteamwork Kai Ryssdal: I’m gonna …

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May 06

That’s My Dump (The Bollard May 1st)

ShareThe Bollard does a column monthly titled ”That’s My Dump” and it piques my interest 1.) because every local paper should do this and 2.)  It’s relevant today and brings a voice to a situation that a confounds many people and 3.)  the writer is sometimes funny.  The truth of the matter, for me, is the deplorable condition of some of …

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Apr 29

Nationwide Open House Weekend


ShareJust like you check the stock market to keep tabs on your retirement, it’s a great weekend to keep tabs on your other investment – your home.  Today is National Open House Weekend (as declared by the National Association of Realtors) and as such there are an unusually large amount of open houses be held …

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Apr 27

Proposed OOB Eastern Trail Connector

Share This is great news. Like school systems, fire and police – access to green space is in demand for housing buyers and this will help housing values and real estate in Old Orchard Beach in our opinion. Please support this great initiative.   Click HERE for details as reported in the Sun Chronicle.

Apr 09

Ferry from Camp Ellis to UNE!

Share This is incredible news.  Pack a lunch, ride your bike down to Camp Ellis and hop over to Biddeford Pool for the afternoon!  Read on for more info:  

Feb 23

Some Updates from the National Association of Realtors

ShareSo, as I mentioned yesterday, my personal opinion is the market is hot.  Well, HERE are the stats if you want to read the news release that came out today.  And HERE, is some interesting info on why it’s a cool time to buy. On a new note, just a reminder we have some nice …

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Feb 22

Strong Signs of Market Improvement


Share You may scratch your head and wonder why this is of interest to you, but it’s good to know:  the Boston market is hot hot hot. Anything that is priced right is selling and fast…with multiple offers. Bigger cities will generally recover first and it appears that the market  has a shortage of good …

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Jan 24

Old Orchard Beach Real Estate – How are Sales?


ShareI am in the process of putting numbers together for Q4 2011 for Old Orchard Beach Real Estate Sales. I will post a link to them on the site and will send out an email notifying of availability. If you’d like to be added to the email list just fill out the “Contact Me” link …

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